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Are you in need of a new phone but don’t want to break the bank? According to Android Central, buying a Refurbished Phone is a great alternative and becoming an ever-growing phenomenon. Recent reports state that 1 out of 10 mobile phones sold across the world are now refurbished.

What is a Refurbished Mobile Phone?

Pre-owned handsets that are returned faulty then repaired for resale, are often described as ‘Refurbished Phones’, however, not all phones that are described as ‘refurbished’ were once faulty. Some retailers and networks class Refurbished Phones as devices that have been returned prior to the 30-days return policy. This is usually down to the consumer disliking the phone rather than an issue or fault arising.

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All leading retailers and manufacturers will perform a series of tests to determine if a Refurbished Phone is in fit for re-sale. Tests will check battery life and other vital components such as touchscreen responsiveness and connectivity to both Wifi and 3G/4G.

Once the phone has been tested and is deemed to be in full working order, most companies/retailers will grade the condition of the refurbishment typically on a scale from A to C:

A: Excellent condition with minor signs of usage
B: Good condition with slight scratches
C: Working condition with excessive signs of usage

All devices sold through a retailer or manufacturer are guaranteed to have been cleaned of any previous data including that which is stored in the internal memory.

Why Should I Consider Buying a Refurbished Phone?

Let’s be honest, the price of a brand new phone is on the rise. With Apple releasing a £999 iPhone (iPhone X) and other leading companies hiking their prices in 2018, it seems like the latest handset on the market is guaranteed to cost you a fortune.


With renowned retailers such as Amazon, GAME and Carphone Warehouse all stocking Certified Refurbished Phones, it speaks volumes about the current climate in the refurbishment industry. Mobile networks and manufacturers also offer great deals on pre-owned handset this often helps reduce the cost of post-pay contracts considerably.

As shown in a recent Uswitch report, consumers can save up to £15 a month by choosing a contract with a Refurbished Phone. These massive monthly savings are encouraging the consumer to make the switch to this style of contract, often saving hundreds of pounds over the life of the deal and still enabling them to gain a high quality product.

Pairing both a Sim-Only Deal with a Refurbished Phone is another great option when looking to save on your monthly phone bill. According to Money Saving Expert, Sim-Only Plans have recently lowered in price with great deals on offer for as little as £7.99 per month.

Most Refurbished Devices when bought through a retailer or mobile network come with a 12-month warranty. However, it’s always best to check before buy as warranties will vary in length dependent on the quality of the refurbishment.

Why would you buy an iMend Refurbished iPhone? are already well known in the mobile phone space as one of the most trusted nationwide Mobile Phone Repair businesses. After recently been acquired by Eco Renew, are now able to source the UK’s most Premium Refurbished iPhones, an obvious product extension. These are available for both customers and business users alike.

But what makes iMend’s Refurbished iPhones standout from the rest? Unlike any other Refurbished Phone on the market, each device is remanufactured to new using 100% genuine parts, guaranteeing the highest standard in both appearance and performance.

All devices are put through their paces and rigorously tested using industry leading methods, exceeding all quality levels currently available on the Refurbished Mobile Market. Here are a few other key factors that make our Refurbished iPhones standout from the crowd:

– Zero signs of usage – looks identical to a new iPhone
– Unlocked – works on any network
– Boxed with genuine accessories

iMend’s Premium Refurbished iPhones can be with you in 24hrs thanks to their next-day delivery service. Confident you will be satisfied with your phone, they are offering a full refund within 14 days of purchasing if you are unhappy in anyway with your remanufactured device. All Phones come with a 12-month hassle free warranty.

Premium Refurbished iPhone 6 / 6s / 6s Plus / 7 / 7 Plus are available to purchase now. To find out more, please contact Sarah at iMend on:              0333 014 4262 or email:

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